What Our Customers Say

The front of my van was all messed up when I took it in. when I went to pick it up, I was so happy to see how great it looked! They did a terrific job on it; far and beyond what I was expecting to see. My van is old so, needless to say, I am very impressed and pleased with what they did with it! I highly recommend this place!!

They are amazing!! They picked up my truck and detailed it inside and out, and brought it back to me.. it is amazing!! I will for sure be back.

After a long football season of 2 boys! Mud! Cleats! Sweat! Helmets! Pads! Snacks! Eating on the go! Spilled drinks! Crumbs!…etc. I finally took my car to Chayos! And I was not disappointed! He detailed my car and it looked brand new!

Car looks great! Big thanks! Great service. They even picked up the car too.

Amazing! Is what I have to say. My car was restored with its original shine. Just the shine as it was when I bought it off the showroom floor. My interior was impressive. No beach sand to my sight. I am very pleased with the overall service. Staff was friendly and dog does not bite. U know I am now a regular.

Chayo’s did a great job on detailing my car-inside & outside looked fantastic. I’m especially impressed with the inside which was covered with dog hair when I took it in. I would highly recommend their detailing services.

Took my truck and car to get detailed! My bro said it looked “brand new” thanks! And very friendly people here, that’s what I call customer service!!

First off Thank you for all your services every time I need help and ask when can I come your answer is “NOW” it’s never later or do I have to schedule a time. Truly a great business man. I never hesitate to ask you for help you give great quotes for that persons budget. Your very personable and have never let my vehicle down I will not take my business elsewhere ever.